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Our newest Engineering-Rocks Poster is available!  Lexmark is a valued partner in Lexington for part-time and summer jobs as well as alternating semester, engineering co-op.  Please see Lexmark's career page for more information.

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If you can do cool stuff (see below) and earn money doing it while you are in college studying engineering, imagine the possibilities an engineer has after he or she graduates! Unpaid internships are not common in engineering. Especially in light of double digit tuition increases predicted, why not choose a major where even in-progress undergraduates are actively pursued by employers who offer significant salaries? Please click on pictures to see neat posters you can order, and please click on student experiences to see more examples of each engineering major.

This webpage is designed to give you examples of what you can do as an engineer, how you can finance your engineering education, and to illustrate the variety of unique, engineering educational opportunities.  Most of the information is from current UK engineering students.




Ryan in Zero G Brittany Chad at Disney
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UK College of Engineering Co-op Program Website: www.engr.uky.edu/coop

German Engineering Program allows students to combine language and engineering at UK

So you want to be an Engineer? - Windows Media Video File (5 MB), DivX (14MB), QuickTime (28MB)

UK's Big Blue Inflateable Wing Glider project - Watch a video about the UK Blue Project

University of Kentucky K-12 Engineering Outreach


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